Los Angeles

Committed Real Estate Attorney serving Los Angeles

You’ve reached the right place if you’re searching for real estate law firms serving Los Angeles that offer superior-quality services and decades of expertise.

What we do

As a commercial real estate lawyer with expertise in Los Angeles real estate law, we provide the following services:

  • Acquisition or sale of commercial property
  • Acquisition of residential property
  • Leasing and contracts for commercial property
  • Expert advice on several types of corporate and business law cases such as structuring, financing, entity formation, governing documentation, and general corporate counselling

We have decades of experience, expertise, and a commitment to high standards of client satisfaction in the real estate and business law fields. Book your real estate lawyer free consultation for Los Angeles real estate sale or purchase now, to understand how we can best help you with your requirements!

Our experience

We’ve represented several sellers and buyers from Los Angeles, so we’re well-versed in the subtleties that Californian business owners face when it comes to company ownership and foreign tax. We know how to close the sale for our customers in Los Angeles, as well as how to arrange the transaction and collaborate with your local counsel to ensure that the transaction is viable.

Whether the transaction involves multifamily, retail, office, or second home space, we work hard to defend our clients’ interests and learn about their objectives. We offer our expertise to guarantee that the deal makes excellent commercial sense for the customer, whether it’s a sell or a buy.

Our approach

We are not hesitant to advise our clients to walk away from a contract that doesn’t make sense or to postpone a deal to take advantage of market fluctuations since we are well-versed in real estate law in Los Angeles. We take a comprehensive approach to each transaction, pointing out the parallels and contrasts between property ownership in Florida and Los Angeles to ensure that the client is getting the best bargain possible at the moment.

We respond to changes in the Los Angeles market and share our thoughts from our “boots on the ground" perspective. We draw on our wide network of real estate lawyers serving Los Angeles, California, to counsel and advise our clients on all parts of the transaction, including referrals to our network of agents, property managers, insurance specialists, lenders, and other experts as needed.

How we work

Instead of merely being present to close the deal, we can be hands-on and part of the team whenever the client wants it. We will ensure that we vigorously represent our customers in their best interests and get the business done from the first contract to the close.

We take a pragmatic approach, putting the client’s prime objective first in all of our operations and transactions. Because Los Angeles is unlike many other marketplaces, having local expertise and relationships is critical for long-term success.

We have deep roots in the community as real estate lawyers serving Los Angeles County with over 20 years of expertise. We can give our customers who are new to the Los Angeles market access to the individuals and companies with whom we have built long-term relationships over the past two decades.