Best Real Estate Lawyers serving Toronto

You’ve reached the right place if you’re searching for the best real estate lawyers serving Toronto who offer superior-quality services and decades of expertise. We specialize in the acquisition of residential and commercial properties, leasing and contracting of commercial properties, and much more.

What we do

As a real estate lawyer serving Toronto, we provide the following services to our clients:

  • Acquisition of residential property
  • Leasing and contracts for commercial property
  • Acquisition or sale of commercial property
  • Expert advice on several types of corporate and business law cases such as entity formation, financing, structuring, governing documentation, and general corporate counselling

We have decades of experience, proficiency, and a commitment to exceptional customer service in the real estate and corporate law areas. Our client’s best interests are always our top priority, regardless of the type of business!

Our experience

We’ve worked with a number of Toronto-based buyers and sellers. So, we’re familiar with the challenges that Ontarian business owners confront when it comes to corporate ownership and international tax. We know how to navigate the institutions and processes in place, to benefit our client for the long-term in Toronto real estate buying and selling.

Whether it’s multifamily, retail, office, or second home transaction, we work hard to protect our clients’ best interests and learn about their goals. We leverage our real estate transaction knowledge to ensure that the agreement, whether it’s an acquisition or a sale, is in the customer’s best interests.

Our approach

Because we are well-versed in real estate transactions, we would not hesitate to encourage our clients to walk away from a transaction that doesn’t make sense or to hold off on a sale to take advantage of market fluctuation. We handle each transaction holistically and help our clients get the best deal possible at the time.

We adapt to events in the Toronto market and share our insights based on our “on-the-ground" experience. We consult and support our clients in all aspects of the process, including recommendations to our network of agents, insurance specialists, property managers, lenders, and other professionals as needed, using our vast network of the best real estate lawyers serving Toronto.

How we work

We may be involved as a part of the business anytime the customer demands it, rather than just being present to close the deal. We will fiercely advocate for our customers’ best interests and ensure that the deal is executed from start to finish.

We approach all of our processes and activities in a logical manner, putting the client’s primary purpose first. Because Toronto is so different from other markets, having local knowledge and contacts is important for long-term success.

With over two decades of experience, we have strong roots in the community as one of the most affordable real estate lawyers serving Toronto. We can connect newcomers to the Toronto market with individuals and businesses with whom we’ve developed long-term ties over the last two decades.