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Expert Real Estate Attorney serving Washington DC

Kleiner Law Group has over 20 years of experience in handling real estate, business, and corporate transactions. Our firm represents both real estate sellers and buyers from Washington DC. As a result, we are familiar with the perspectives of each party.

Our firm relies on insights acquired through decades of our experience in real estate representation. This cutting-edge knowledge empowers us to give the best counsel that aligns with client goals. If you are in search of an expert real estate attorney serving Washington DC, then we can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

Our expertise in multiple real estate segments gives clients a sharp edge

We cater to the real estate transaction needs of a wide base of business segments and clients. Our firm handles real estate financing, appeals for property tax valuations, and construction contracts. We operate with our client’s goals in mind, be it in retail, office, multifamily, or second home market.

Our expertise extends to addressing other real estate needs of clients as well. We understand the challenges that Washington DC buyers face in complex areas such as corporate ownership and foreign[VS1] tax. We take every step to ensure that our clients understand the syntax of the deal and make sense of it easily.

We work with clients’ local counsel to structure the deal efficiently and streamline it the right way. We work with our client’s best interests in mind at every stage, from deal initiation to closure.

With us, you get an AV-rated real estate attorney serving Washington DC.

We empower our clients to make the best deal decisions

With Kleiner Law Group, you get access to a real estate lawyer serving Washington state who is not afraid to deliver the truth as it is to the client. We give the best counsel, which means we can even advise our clients to leave a deal if it is not in their best interests. We do not hesitate to advise our clients to delay a transaction if we are sure that doing so can benefit the client.

Whether we are representing a buyer or seller, we go by one principle – the client must be confident about the deal being in a good business sense. We ensure that this goal is reached in every client transaction by being honest and transparent with the client.

We empower our clients with market intelligence and real estate inputs so that they understand the nuances involved in the deal and make the right decision. We present to clients a clear, holistic view of transactions so that they get to know the bigger picture.

We take the time, patience, and effort to point out ground facts to clients. For example, we explain how owning a property in, say, Washington DC and Florida differ. We then offer real estate insights that help clients decide if the deal makes business sense at that time.

We are tuned to real estate market conditions, which gives us an accurate perspective straight from the ground. As and when the conditions change, we relay the insights to our clients, enabling them to take the best advantage of the market situation.

Our wide partner network ensures that clients get the best deals

Our extensive experience in the real estate industry has helped us form professional relationships that we are proud of. When you work with a Kleiner’s real estate attorney serving Washington County, MD, you are backed by an extensive professional network.

Our well-formed network brings in its expertise to benefit our clients as and when required. Our professional network, comprising property managers, real estate agents, lenders, and insurers, among others, can help you with its accurate market inputs.

Our guidance is not limited to only documenting and closing the deal. We can help clients throughout the process by being hands-on and offering requested counsel through our network. We can also work as a team with our clients if they request such counsel, from contract to closing.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have been successful in establishing our presence in the community and forging lasting relationships. Clients new to the Washington DC real estate can benefit from our exclusive access to companies and people in the industry. Contact us today.