Commercial Property Sale Attorney in Miami

Commercial Property Sale Attorney

For our clients, commercial leasing is often a critical component of business. At Kleiner Law Group, we help our clients navigate their business needs, including leasing, acquisitions, dispositions, sales, leasebacks and subleasing.

Recognizing prevailing market conditions, maintaining excellent relationships with market participants and regularly representing both landlords and tenants provides us with a balanced and business-oriented perspective that enables us to get deals done efficiently and cost-effectively. Our experience with construction contracts, architect’s agreements and other design professional agreements ensures landlords or tenants a seamless transition from term sheet to executed contract. Moreover, we regularly assist in the construction of retail leases, office leases, industrial leases and ground leases.

At Kleiner Law Group, we understand how real estate fits in with our clients’ broader business models and provide long term solutions so our clients can achieve maximum value from our synergistic relationship.

Our expertise includes:

  • Commercial property lease agreements
  • Retail lease agreements
  • Commercial lease review
  • Commercial lease dispute resolution
  • Commercial lease terminations