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If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Atlanta, Georgia, working with a real estate lawyer serving Atlanta can be advantageous for you. Real estate attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, are well acquainted with local laws and the fluctuations which occur in the housing market.

New to Atlanta? Let the top real estate attorneys serving Atlanta, GA, assist you

If you are new to Atlanta, you may find it challenging to navigate the market all by yourself. An experienced commercial real estate lawyer serving Atlanta can make the investment process easier for you by reviewing all paperwork and advising on any issues with the documentation. The attorney will handle the transaction process and ensure that the closing is binding, legal, and in the best interests of the client. If you have been searching for top real estate attorneys serving Atlanta, GA, consider talking to one of our experienced attorneys at Kleiner Law Group today.

The way we work

At Kleiner Law, we have represented both buyers and sellers from Atlanta and are familiar with the various nuances that American owners have regarding corporate ownership and foreign tax. We understand how to get the deal done for our American clients and how to structure the transaction and work with their local counsel to make sure that the transaction makes sense. Whether the transaction is multifamily, retail, office, or a second home, we work diligently to protect the interest of our clients and try to understand the client’s goals. Whether it’s a sale or purchase, we offer our advice to ensure that the transaction makes good business sense for the client. We are not afraid to counsel our clients to walk away from a deal that doesn’t make sense or to delay a transaction for a later date to take advantage of the market shifts. We take a holistic view of each transaction and point out the similarities and differences in owning property in Atlanta to make sure that the client can analyze the transaction to make sure it’s the right deal for them at the time.

As the market in Atlanta changes, we adapt to those changes and offer our insight from our “boots on the ground perspective,” utilizing our network of professionals to help counsel and advise our clients on all aspects of the transaction, including introductions to our network of brokers, property managers, insurance professionals, lenders and other professionals where appropriate, and when asked. We can be hands-on and part of the team and not just there to paper the deal if the client wants. From contract to closing, we will make sure that we zealously represent our clients in their best interests and get the deal done. We are practical in our approach to keeping the clients’ end goal at the forefront.

Atlanta is very different from many other markets, and local knowledge and contacts are essential to long-term success. With over 20 years of experience in Atlanta real estate, we have developed firm roots in the community and are able to offer our clients who are just entering the Atlanta market access to the people and companies that we have spent two decades developing a relationship with. If you are an Atlanta buyer or seller, contact us today.